“Everyone says they want to live like a movie—
but does that mean they’ll live
for just two hours?”
— Tablo [Epik High]
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i need oxygen, chicken, and noodles
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i'm currently on summer vacation and i'm in vietnam at the moment. i might not update often because i'm going to be kind of busy. i also won't be on twitter because twitter won't work here. i'm gonna be in vietnam for a month.
The Best Luck
by Chen
Vector to the Heavens
by Yoko Shimomura

。currently on summer vacation
。still a randomass blog
。starting school 8.14.14
。should be watching anime & dramas but i sleep throughtout the day.
before pressing the follow button, i think you should check out my archives first before you're for sure you want to follow this blog. my blog is really random and out of the place, since i have a range of interests. this blog is also a main blong so expect to see a spec of personal posts and random convos i have with friends.
it's too late